About Us

We’re Graeme and Cally – vegans, critter-parents and van-life travelers.  That pretty much sums us up!  We’re taking the next 14 months to travel, explore and eat our way through as many states and provinces as we can, seeking out and creating delicious plant-based recipes along the way.  And we’re doing this all from our 21’ campervan with three dogs and a cat.


Hrudy on the Cabot Trail

Graeme is a former restaurant chef and owner and classically trained trumpet player.  Cally is a registered massage therapist and holistic nutrition consultant.   We’re peanut butter junkies, coffee addicts and beer enthusiasts.  We love Vietnamese food, podcasts and campfires.  And if you didn’t guess by the blog name, we have a soft spot for rabbits!

Graeme - Two Happy Rabbits

Cally - Two Happy Rabbits

The Critters:




Irma Jane (Miss Jane) – terrier-cross, spit-fire, solar-powered, expert-wiggler.






Gizmo (Mo Mo) – papillon-pomerian cross, puppy-mill rescue, professional yapper, best friend to Irma.






PJ (Peanut Butter & Jelly) – beagle-cross, perpetually happy, bottomless pit, official greeter.






Stella (Stelly-Bean) – maine coon-cross, escape artist, master bird caller, gargoyle impersonator.


Our Home:

Hrudy at rest

Hrudy (The Big Beige Beast of a Van) is named from an idea in Richard Adams’ book ‘Watership Down’, a story about and told from the point of view of rabbits.  In the story, the rabbits refer to cars (and all vehicles) as Hrududus, a term based on the sound they make.  As rabbit people (we’ve adopted four over the last 16 years), we thought ‘Hrudy’ was fitting name that tipped a hat to the idea and was a little tribute to our last bunny-girl, Sophie, who passed away just weeks before we embarked on this journey.