Vegan Mofo 2017 – Day 20: Deconstructed Food Hipster-Style

Choose Your Own Adventure Avocado Toasts

There has been a trend in the past couple of decades towards unique food presentations. Taking something familiar and changing it in such a way that your senses become confused and delighted. In fine dining, this has been dominated by the molecular gastronomy movement. In skilled hands, it can be almost magical the way your expectations get subverted. Things like light-as-air foams that have huge, strong flavours in contrast to their texture, the same soup served both hot and cold in the same small cup so you taste the change in flavour that comes with the change in temperature, or the elimination of expected texture as in a Greek salad that has had all of its components juiced then layered in a shot glass. Deconstruction is a favourite among chefs. Take something well known and pull it apart so that each piece of it can be enjoyed on its own, or all piled on a fork together.  We’ve decided to play with that a little by combining it with one of our favourite any-time foods: the avocado toast.

At its most simple, just ripe avocado mashed on bread, the avocado toast is wonderful. Avocado has a natural affinity for so many flavours that creative toppings can be added to make it all the better. We had some fun coming up with a Build-Your-Own Avocado Toast platter. No recipe for this one, we just had fun trying some interesting toppings. Here’s what we did:

Mashed Avocado: Lemon juice, small amount of tomato, garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil

Sriracha Tofu Scramble: just a basic scramble with lots of Sriracha

Roasted Mushrooms with Truffle Oil: a little garlic, onion and chives. Really nice with the avocado

Mexican Corn: a riff on Mexican street corn, charred kernels with chili powder, Mexican oregano, lime juice and a little mayo

Marinated Tomatoes: shallot, garlic, olive oil

Pickled Radishes: Salt, pepper, onion, vinegar

“Bacon” Roasted Apples: vegan ‘bacon’ fat (just refined coconut oil flavoured with soy sauce, sugar and liquid smoke) and apples

Salsa Verde: Tomatillos, onion, garlic, Serrano chili, lime juice.


What are some of your favourite Avocado Toast toppings? We’d love to know. Let us know in the comments.


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