Vegan Mofo 2017 Week 3 Recap

Well, that’s it for week three of 2017’s Vegan Month of Food. This week was all about the ingredients, and the challenges were great. See how other MoFoers did by clicking here.

Day 16 – What can you make from canned or foraged food?

This was fun. We added the extra challenge of finding everything we needed for a meal from one store, with only five minutes of looking. Here’s the result.

Zombie Meal

Day 17 – Booze!

Cook with some alcohol. We made spaghettoni braised in red wine, a dish we first tried years ago in Florence.

Day 18 – Make anything using chocolate

Who doesn’t like chocolate? It was cool here in Ontario so we made traditional drinking chocolate with a good dose of strong coffee, coconut whip and toasted Dandy’s marshmallows

Vegan Hot Chocolate

Day 19 – Five ingredients or less

Simple is sometime best. We opted for Orecchiette with Broccoli Rabe. The twist? We made the pasta too!

Day 20 – Deconstructed Dish

We love a good avocado toast. We love them more when loaded with some great extra toppings.  We made a build-your-own avo toast platter with a bunch of great combinations.

Day 21 – Feature the humble potato

There are so many things to do with the simple potato, but we’ve always loved the basic baked potato. We started there and topped it with a favourite from a trip to Scotland.

Day 22 – Cook with an uncommon grain

We love Farro! Nutty, chewy, awesome. We combined it with wild rice, pan roasted squash and peppery arugula to make a delicious grain salad.

Vegan Farro

On to week four! The last week is a great one, so check in an see what we have cooked up. There are so many awesome dishes coming out of Vegan MoFo, by so many people, we hope you check them out. Search the hashtags #vgnmf17, #veganmofo, and #veganmofo17 to see more.

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