Vegan MoFo 2017 Week 4 Recap

The fourth and final week of 2017’s Vegan Month of Food has come and gone, and what a good time it was. Here’s a quick recap of everything we made.
Day 23 – Time to get fancy!

This was a lot of fun. My early culinary training was in fine dining, so it was great to put some of those skills to good use. This is a seriously delicious Portobello mushroom dish. Now, it does take a little time to put together, so if that’s too much, just try the sauce. It’s fantastic for anything grilled.

Fancy Vegan Food

Day 24 – Party Food

We put together a tray of various Italian bruschetti.

Vegan Bruschetti

Day 25 – Cook for your best friends

While we have lots of amazing people in our lives, we decided to make something for our three dogs!

Day 26 – Delicious desserts!

We love sweets as much as the next person! This is a cranberry-pumpkin bread pudding that we made in time for the Canadian Thanksgiving.

Vegan Bread Pudding

Day 27 – Cooking for the young (at heart!)

Classic alphabet pasta in tomato sauce, just the way you remember!

Day 28 – Brunch!

You can’t go wrong with brunch! We keep it sweet with this stuffed French toast with homemade plum jam.

Day 29 – Cook for your favorite historical figure

We thought we blow Pythagoras’ mind with his first taste of chocolate, in the form of a brownie shaped into the triangle of his classic theorem.

Vegan Brownie

Day 30 – Thanksgiving Dinner test run

We made this fun ‘roast ham’. Sweet and smoky, everything you need for the holidays.

Day 31 – Scary Food!

Here’s our take on Ms. Lovett’s “Meat” pies from Sweeny Todd.

Well, that’s it for this year’s Vegan MoFo. We hope you’ve enjoyed what we’ve had to share. Keep stopping by for more recipes as we start up our travels again.

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